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INFOSEC, Hacking, Penetration Testing

  • Hacksplaining - Concise explanations of common security problems for software developers.
  • lolbas – Living off the Land Binaries and Scripts. Native tools included in Windows that can be used in a penetration test.
  • gtfobins – Curated list of Unix binaries that can be exploited by an attacker to bypass local security restrictions. “Living off the land.”
  • Openwall Wordlists – Wordlists for password cracking.
  • Aperi’Solve - Online platform that performs layer analysis on images.
  • CI/CD Goat Project - A deliberately vulnerable continuous integration, continuous delivery environment for hacking practice. Similar to OWASP Juice Shop, only for CI/CD pipelines.
  • NTLM Relaying 101 - An NTLM relaying workshop and lab.
  • Subdomain Enumeration via Archived TLS Certs

Information Technology - General

OSCP Specific Resources