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Kali: Fresh Install Checklist

8 minute read

I have this information over in my GitLab but wanted to replicate it in a blog post here with extended commentary. As of the date this post was published (u...

How To Bypass xlsx Spreadsheet Protection

5 minute read

The problem you’ve encountered is you have an .xlsx file that has password-protected data inside and you need to get at that information. I encountered this ...

BloodHound: Incompatible Collector

2 minute read

If you’re having problems with your SharpHound output uploading to BloodHound, you may be victim of an old version/new version incompatibility.

AutoRecon Broke!

2 minute read

“I used Tib3rius’s AutoRecon successfully, like, a week ago but now it’s broken!” Chances are that you also recently ran an apt update && apt upgrad...