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Read-Only Friday O'Reilly book cover

The law of the land

Hey guys! Guess what I didn’t do last Friday!

Only read.

I don’t mean I skipped work to read a book all day, which actually sounds kind of nice. Read-only Friday is an IT tradition that decrees one should not commit changes to a production server/website/app on the last work day of the week, lest you tempt fate and have to burn precious weekend hours un-doing what you did before Monday morning.

Instead, I try to use my Fridays for minor gardening and maintenance. I’ll update administrative data on the website, such as contact information, or muck around with a new function or feature that doesn’t have a production counterpart.

As the missionary responsible for bringing the Word of Read-only Friday to the office, my sin stings that much more. However, all it really cost me was about an hour and a half of additional commute time to head back into the office and ctrl-z my shame. It certainly could have been worse.




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